Welcome to Sasthamcotta, an attractive Tourist Village situated about 75kms from the capital city of Trivandrum and about 27 kms. from Kollam Town. It is a beauty spot, a health resort and a centre of pilgrimage. Sathamcotta is the seat of the famous Dharma Sastha Temple.The place is gifted with natural beauty and is surrounded by hills and vallies. In the midst of the hills is the Fresh Water Lake. The extensive freshwater lake here, is said to be the biggest of its kind in Kerala, which can truly be called as Queen of Lakes. Water supply to the Kollam town is met by purifying the water from this lake. In this place you can enjoy true hospitality, where the guest is god. A must visit place.

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Sasthamcotta Monkeys
One of the fascinating features of Sasthamcotta temple is the abundance of monkeys that camp around. Because of that Sasthamcotta is famous for Monkeys. There are two groups of monkeys at Sasthamcotta.. Read more
For Cinema / Serial and Post Wedding coverage
Sasthamcotta is not only a Tourist destination, also a perfect Shooting Location. Many movies and TV serials shoted at Sasthamcotta, like Inapravukal (1965), Ente Hridayathinte Udama (2002), Ilamurathampuran (1998), Nakshathrakkannulla Rajakumaran (2002), Kuttisrank (2009) etc are some of those.

Sasthamcotta is a good location for Post Marriage Video Album coverage. Many are coming every day to shoot and include the natural beauty of Sasthamcotta in their Wedding Video Albums.

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Sasthamcotta is a well historic place where the Second World Religion Conference had been held, in which the Global Religious Celebrities had particularly participated.

Sasthamcotta had in addition to be witnessed to the Huge Disasters like Folidol Tragedy  and Lake Tragedy. Both the Folidol Tragedy  and Lake Tragedy rewarded Sasthamcotta, a Never Forgettable Black Day. Read more..

Sasthamcotta Lake is one of the most prominent places for bali tharpan in the State. Thousands of people, including women and children, offered ‘bali' at specially arranged ‘balippura' on the banks of the Sasthamcotta Lake. Hindus believe that the ritual performed on the new moon day in the month of Karkidakom will propitiate the spirits of their forefathers and bring good fortune in the year ahead. made elaborate arrangements for the event, popularly known as ‘Karkkidaka vavu bali,' Many people performed the rites on their own, while others sought the help of temple priests.Read more..